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  • Newport, RI
  • Southbridge, MA
  • Portland, ME
  • Manchester, NH
  • Cape May, NJ
  • Barre/Montpelier, VT
  • Provincetown, MA
  • Jaffrey, NH
  • Perkasie, PA
  • Chatham, MA
  • Ithaca, NY
  • Skaneateles, NY
  • Alexandria Bay, NY
  • Lake Placid, NY
  • Wolfeboro, NH
  • Teterboro, NJ
  • Bar Harbor, ME
  • Lebanon, NH
  • Trenton, NJ

...with more on the way!

Join us for our Summer 2013 adventure specials!

The Block Island "All-In-A-Day" Experience
Instead of spending all day traveling to and from Block Island, fly BNB Air and spend the whole day delighting in all that this quaint New England island has to offer! We'll get you there in under an hour giving you an entire day to see the award-winning beaches, the countless shops and restaurants, and breathtaking views! Rent bicycles or mopeds and cruise out to see the historic lighthouses and victorian architecture that Block Island is known for!
As a special bonus, some packages will also include a walking tour of Block Island conducted by our knowledgeable BNB Air tour guides! You'll see everything from the Spring House Restaurant and Inn located high on hill overlooking the ocean to the charming "downtown" area of Old Harbor to the beach party terrace at Ballards to the vast dunes along the east side of the island! Be sure to mention how great your flight was to increase your chances of being on this popular tour!

The search for "MEMPHRE", the monster of Lake Memphremagog
You've heard about it on the news. You've read about it on the internet. Now you can join your intrepid BNB Air explorers on this brand new tour as we venture up to Newport, Vermont in search of the North American version of the Loch Ness Monster! "Memphre" has been seen numerous times over the years by locals as well as visitors to this beautiful lake on the Canadian border, and now you can set out to try to catch a glimpse of this mysterious serpent! BNB Air reminds you to bring your camera, or, you can purchase one of our overpriced disposables from "Sky Mall", our in-flight variety store.
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The Provincetown Whale Watch with Luxurious Nantucket Dining
One of our first and most popular tours! The Provincetown Whale Watch with Nantucket Dining tour takes you to Provincetown, MA, located at the very tip of Cape Cod, for an exciting 3-4 hour cruise to see the whales of the North Atlantic! After your return, you'll be whisked off to Nantucket for an evening of fine dining at the restaurant of your choice! Can't choose? BNB Air representatives will be glad to offer their opinions....even when you don't ask!

The Atlas PyroVision Productions Fireworks Show at Jaffery, NH
You might ask "So why in the world would I want to go all the way up to New Hampshire just to see fireworks??" That's an easy questions to answer! Leading U.S. fireworks company Atlas PyroVision Productions of Jaffrey, NH will go all-out at the Jaffery/Silver Ranch Airpark on Saturday, August 20, 2013! This isn't some budgeted municipal presentation like you see on the 4th of July. Heck NO! This is the manufacturer putting on a show for clients and the public, so just imagine the limitlessness! And YOU can be there!
Just contact BNB Air to assure your reservations. You will be flown to nearby Keene, NH (Jaffery is closed to planes, of course) and brought to Jaffrey by our exclusive BNB Ground services. There will be food and beverage vendors plus the world-famous Kimball Farms Ice Cream Restaurant is located right next door! Book this one early as space is limited!!

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