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A lot has changed since we first began producing and distributing programming for college stations in 1991 and it's important to continually monitor and address these changes.

Our early shows were mailed out to affiliates on cassettes as this was the easiest, and least expensive, method for distribution. Satellite was an option, but few stations had satellite dishes and receivers. The later 1990s brought a gradual changeover to internet delivery via live streams and podcasts. This was much better and more convenient for both our affiliate stations and CRN.

By 2000, two interesting trends became apparent. First, the popularity of on-demand podcast programming exceeded that of the live streams. More listeners were taking advantage of the flexibility of "anytime" listening over having to tune in to a live stream at a scheduled time. The second was a shift in audience from the radio broadcast medium to internet delivery. Our programs were being heard by more 18-22 year olds via podcasts than were tuning in to hear us on their college stations.

Both of these trends are related. The convenience of listening to on-demand content is certainly greater than having to tune in to a radio station or a live internet stream at a particular time in order to hear a show. Further, the rapidly growing popularity of portable media devices allowed listeners to hear our shows with the same ease as listening to downloaded music.

CRN was founded by a group of college friends who were passionate about radio and who wanted to create a source of information and entertainment for the 18-22 year old college audience, delivered via a national radio network of college stations. The internet is an amazing technology, but it's vast capabilities and capacity for delivering data challenged the radio medium and began to transform radio listeners into internet users. These groups are very different in their consumption of information and entertainment. Radio listeners passively receive programs from stations with only the option to change stations and listening times as a way of controlling content. Internet users are able to take a more active role and use search engines to locate their desired information and entertainment. Once found, the content is accessible any time

iNetRadio is an example of a fusion between radio and the internet. This site provides everything that a radio listener would want (music, news, weather, sports, special features and programs) but all the content is available on-demand and uses internet technology for content delivery to mobile apps and players for desktop and laptop computers.

As mentioned, there have been a lot of changes since 1991 in both how content is delivered and consumed. Recognizing this, CRN has chosen to restructure its operations accordingly. We strongly believe in the opportunities that are now possible with the internet and how the three groups we work with the most, college stations, advertising agencies, and independent bands and performers, can benefit. Please choose a link below for additional information that we feel you will be interested in.

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