Dream Girl

We're not really sure how to describe the Dream Girl series from "Dr. Sparks", nor can we offer an explanation for it's strong cult following and popularity amoung our listeners. Not since "Calvin & Hobbes" have so many college students embraced an icon in such a way. It was told to us by "Ghosty" (The host of the Station X program) that "Dr. Sparks" actually had these dreams and would record them on tape.

Perhaps this mysterious collection of transcribed nocturnal brain activity was the result of too much General Tso's Chicken. One critic summarized the series as: "Repelling, yet oddly majestic". In any case, it exists.

Here now, digitally re-mastered for your listening enjoyment, is the entire series of Dream Girl dreams. We do not recommend listening to these prior to retiring for the evening or during exam weeks. We even find it somewhat unsettling to have our logo on the same page. Please listen to the entire series in order. ~ The College Radio Network

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