Pictured above on the QSL card: The 1921 100' x 70' "Caged T" antenna and station shack at 1BCG and the 1950 memorial dedication in Greenwich. (L-R): Paul F. Godley, Maj. Edwin H. Armstrong, George E. Burghard, Wilbur A. Peck and Dr. Caldwell (both of Greenwich) and Ernest V. Amy

About N1BCG:
I was originally assigned KA1HOZ in 1981, then KB1NFS in 2006. These were sequentially assigned and served their purpose, but I wanted to have a callsign that was meaningful in many ways. The inscription on the monument in the upper right picture was my inspiration to apply for N1BCG:

Given that I'm located in the same town, enjoy shortwave communications on amateur radio, am an avid experimenter and builder, and appreciate the many contributions of Edwin Armstrong, it seemed appropriate to apply for a callsign that would encompass all. I am very happy to now have N1BCG and look forward to sharing the story of this historically significant amateur radio station.

The first message received at 2:52am GMT...

"No.1 de 1BCG. W-12 (Words 12)
New York Date 11/12-21
To Paul Godley
Ardrossan Scotland
Hearty Congratulations

1BCG Team: (Names link to additional information)

1BCG Location:
1BCG was assigned to Minton Cronkhite and it was his station that was chosen to be used for this historic event. The location is described in a New York Times article:

"The early 1900's house at North Street and Clapboard Ridge Road was built in the Georgian Revival style by Elisha P. Cronkhite, who called it Wynwyk. In addition to the white clapboard mansion, the property contains a swimming pool, tennis court, gardens and 10 outbuildings. In 1954 it was sold to St. Mary's Parish and was used as a Catholic high school and convent."

The complete scan of Paul Godley's logbook.
Substantial content is courtesy of QST Magazine and the ARRL.
In depth articles from QST Magazine, Feb 1922.
A well illustrated PowerPoint presentation on the 1921 TransAtlantic tests.
1BCG has a fascinating story that can be read on W2PA's Ham Radio History page.
My tribute page from 1995 based on an article in Radio-Electronics Magazine, December 1951.
Pictures and handwritten documents on the 1951 memorial dedication in Greenwich.
N6LF document showing the EZNEC modeling of the 1BCG antenna.
The Antique Wireless Association produced an excellent documentary called The Trans-Atlantic Test of 1921

Special Event

QSL Card

December 11, 2016

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